nDrive 2.5" Laptop HDD Enclosure & Card Reader Combo Pack


Series: nDrive


nDrive-B & nDrive-S


Black and Silver


5.6” (H) x 3.4” (W) x 0.9” (D)

Hard Drive Size

2.5" Notebook/Laptop hard drive (Not included)

Internal Interface


External Interface

USB 2.0

AC Adaptor

- Optional. DC 5V  adaptor (Not include)

- Come with USB to DC 5V cable that connect from extra USB port

Enclosure Features

- Driverless

- Innovative hot air ventilation cooling

- Attractive palm size HDD Enclosure and Card Reader on the go

- Support 2.5" hard drive up to 500GB

- Insert your own lovely picture to make exclusive identity

- USB bus powered; no external power required

- Support Win ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X/ V9.2 or higher

Card Reader Features

4 Slots Card Reader

Support the latest High Speed / High Capacity card Up to 32GB

  - CF 4.0 (DMA mode), SD1.1/2.0 (SDHC), MMC4.1/4.2

  - MSPro parallel mode (4-bit), xD 1.2

Supports Hot-swapping and Plug and play function

Support slot-to-slot read/write operation

Reader and Writer Support :

- Support SM Card,T-Flash,MS Select.0,

- xD,XD(M)Type,XD(H)

- MS, MS Pro, MS Magic Gate, MS-Pro Magic Gate,HS-MS-Pro Magic     Gate, MS-DUO,

- MS Pro-Duo, MS Pro-Duo PSP, MS Pro-Duo Gaming

- HS-MS-Pro Duo,MS-DUO MagicGate, MS Pro-DUO MagicGate

- Secure Digital Card,Mini SD, Extreme SD, Extreme III SD,Ultra II SD

- CF I,CF II,Extreme CF,Extreme III CF,Ultra II CF,HS CF, Micro Drive...

Package Content

- nDrive 2.5" HDD Enclosure & Card Reader Combo

- Y shape USB 2.0 Cable

- USB 2.0 A to Mini B DC 5V Cable

- Screws and stands




Hardware installation, please click on the above User Manual (PDF file) for more details.

Software installation

Window ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7 Operating System:

  1. No driver is necessary. Connect the Y-shape USB cable and the USB-5V cable to your PC. If you only have two USB ports from your laptop, connect one end of the Y-shape and the USB-5V cable.

  2. Window will automatically detect the device and start installs the drivers for the card reader and hard drive. Wait till the device is ready for use.

  3. To verify / update driver and device, Open My Computer – System Property - Hardware – Device Manager

  4. Format the hard drive (first time install only)

    Open Control Panel – Administration Tools (Under Performance & Management in Control Panel Category View) – Computer Management – Storage – Disk Management

    Format and name the hard drive

  5. After format finishing, open My Computer, the external hard drive should appear

  6. Restart the system

  7. Depend on the hard drive size, you can determine the USB cable connection for future usage. Connect the Y-shape cable first to see if the hard drive show in My Computer. If it does, you don't need the USB-5V cable. Otherwise, connect the USB-5V cable. If you only have two USB ports from your laptop, connect one end of the Y-shape and the USB-5V cable. You should see the hard drive in My Computer.

MAC Operating System Driver Installation

  1. For MAC OS 9.0 or higher, No driver program is necessary.

  2. The driver software for Mac OS 8.6 or older is ‘Gene USB CF.SIT’ under the directory of MAC.

    Copy the file to the desktop and double click and it will produce the driver file automatically

    Copy the driver file produced under the extension directory [System Folder] -> [extension]

  3. Connect the USB Y type cable and USB-5V cable, restart computer.

  4. Format the hard drive for first time installation


Eye capturing style perfectly designed for laptop/notebook users

Carry large capacity multimedia files on the go anywhere, anytime

Easy hard drive space and memory card access for instant sharing and burning needs

Palm size, USB power and all in one provide convenience to laptop/notebook users

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