The OEM version PRO-LCD module only supports below HTPC Case series:

  • HTPC 1000/2000/5000/6000/7000/8000/1080P

  • HTPC 280/288/500 (Discontinued)

Installation Tips: (apply to PRO-LCD OEM only)

  • Connect USB cable and power cable first, put it on a non-static surface, turn on the system, and ensure the LCD initial screen show up before installation. Turn off the system, continue on the installation

  • Remove the (LCD window) black cover tape before you install the LCD module to the panel

  • For HTPC 280/288/500 series, removing the front panel to install the PRO-LCD is required and attentions are needed to avoid panel damages. Click here to see the details by mirroring the older version VFD installation

You should follow the below steps in order.

For the first time users after installing Windows
STEP 1. Read the User Manual

STEP2.  Download USB driver & MHC control program to your CD ROM or Hard   Drive, or simply select “Open” after downloading
3  Install USB driver
4 Install MHC control program
5. Re-booting

STEP 6. Open MHC control program to configure the LCD

For the users of updating USB driver
STEP 1. Download USB driver
STEP 2. Close the MHC control program
STEP 3. Install USB driver
STEP 4. Re-booting

For the users of updating MHC program
STEP 1. Download the newer version MHC

STEP 2.Uninstall the previous version
STEP 4. Install new MHC control program
STEP 5. Re-booting


For Linux and MythTV Front end, visit:



User Manual


If you are installing the LCD into our HTPC case series, the first thing is to ensure you take off the LCD black tape attached to the LCD window before you install the LCD. The tape is to block the see-through clear window if you decide not to upgrade with a LCD display on the case.

Right before you start the driver and M-Play download, verify the LCD is light up with the initial screen. See the product page for sample screen.

The initial screen will light up if you connect the USB and Power Cord to your PSU correctly when system is on. The USB connector is a 4 pin single slot USB connector, it is labeled with VCC/+5V; +D; -D; GND for each wire; simply rule applied, red wire is VCC/+5V; black wire is "GND". Match the wire to your motherboard USB diagram pin layout.

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows 7 x64

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 x64

Windows Vista

Windows Vista x64

Windows XP

Windows XP x64

Windows 2000

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 x64

If above driver cannot be installed correctly, try this FTDI driver. (Select VCP Drivers)

USB RS232 - FTDI designs and supplies USB semiconductor devices with Legacy support including royalty-free drivers.

Tips: During the driver installation, there will be a DOS screen pop-up for a moment and disappears. After the re-boot, go to your device manager to verify if the LCD shows up in your COM port without yellow mark, then, you can proceed to install the M-Play


Ver :

Date : 2008.08.20

Description : Key Map Fix

Tips: After rebooting, your display will start displaying data in random order. Now, you can start M-Play to configure the way you want it to display. For Window 7 user, M-Play is resided in the hidden application bar, at the right corner of your Window screen in a tiny triangle icon, you click that icon, then, double click the M-Play

Please contact technical support hot line if you have more questions

Tel: (510) 886-6338


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