Media Center PC or Home Theater PC must be "Cool & Quiet". So, to offer an integrated solution, we bring in the CPU Cooling series.

In term of fan "CPU Cooling", there are three choices in the market. Air Cooling; Heatpipe Cooling and Liquid Cooling. Liquid cooling is not mature enough to be widely adopted, including safety and pricing considerations. So, we focus on the other two choices.


In HTPC world, size does matter. So, our cooler must be living in a compact environment, but performing. We develop two top of the line HTPC Coolers base on the following aspects:


  • Heatpipe Cooling Design & Material: Heatpipe is popular in cooling devices. We used 4 heatpipes in the ICETANK. In addition, our patent design ICETANK added a "Northbridge" aluminum base on top of the 4 heatpipe. That means even the heatpipes do not pass the heat fast enough, the aluminum base will help consume the additional heat from CPU, and the heat will be blown out by the fan on top. Plus the copper and aluminum fins, ICETANK is fully maximizing the heat cooling performance. Try it to believe it.

  • Heatpipe Cooling Fan: The bottleneck is the noise. If we use 120mm fan for the silent, users may have the interference issue in most of the HTPC cases. If we use 80mm or smaller size fan, the performance will be an issue, and the noise due to the high speed spinning fan is completely unacceptable for HTPC users. So, we went with the 90mm silent fan to achieve the balance of the quietness and strong performance. And the fan is changeable base on customer's preferred brand.

  • Tooless Installation: We want our customers have no hassle to upgrade their coolers. We developed the easy clip design. No need to totally un-install your entire system to change the motherboard bracket and un-wiring all your cables. Simply use our intelligently designed universal bracket, push it in, and clip on the heatsink. You are able to do it in 5 minutes to upgrade your existing generic noise maker to this efficient and silent cooler.

LGA775 AMD K8 & AM2 478

To conclude our winning Heatpipe Cooling Formula:

4 Heatpipes + Northbridge design Copper and Aluminum Base & Fins + Big & silent Fan






Support CPU Platform

AMD Socket 754 / 940 / 939 / AM2

INTEL Socket LGA775 / 478


4.65” (L) x 4.06” (H) x 5” (W)*

118mm x 114mm x 103mm


21.8 oz / 610g

Heatsink Material

4 x Copper Heatpipe

Copper & Aluminum Base

Copper & Aluminum Fin


90mm Dual Ball Bearing (Not propriety, changeable)

Fan Speed

2200RPM ± 10%

Noise Level

18-28dBA ± 10%

Air Flow

35.3-44.3 CFM

Thermal Resistance


Support Processor

Intel 3.8 GHz / AMD 4800+ or higher

Note: * 5” width including the Clip Length. Not the heatsink width


4 heatpipes design + Extra aluminum “Northbridge” design base

Innovative easy clip for easy installation

Light weight

Fit most of the case

Fan Speed Controller is included on a PCI bracket

Reviews & Awards


ICETANK reviewed by Overclockersonline

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ICETANK reviewed by

ICETANK reviewed by

ICETANK reviewed by

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